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The Islamic Republic of Iran is the only Fast-Track country in the Middle East and North Africa region and its national strategy is structured around the 90–90–90 targets and ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

The national AIDS programme is channelling its efforts towards bridging the testing and treatment gaps it has identified as well as improving the focus of its prevention programmes.

What Shahi's piece seemingly failed to mention was the psychological aspect of Newton's Third Law, i.e., if religion is forced upon people, expect an opposite reaction.

This is accounted for not only Iran, but also Saudi Arabia and its famous compound parties in Riyadh.

Although there is a stigma for it amongst various Iranians, some use it as a means to have legal sex, by means of obtaining a temporary marriage license from a cleric at a marriage registry.

The time can be as short as a sexual encounter or for life, depending on how long the individuals decide upon it.

In 2016, the Islamic Republic of Iran had 5000 (1400 - 13 000) new HIV infections and 4000 (2500 - 6200) AIDS-related deaths.

There were 66 000 (37 000 - 120 000) people living with HIV in 2016, among whom 14% (7% - 26%) were accessing antiretroviral therapy.

Initially focusing on blood safety, the response moved on to launch a pioneering, highly regarded harm reduction programme for people who inject drugs, which has effectively halted progress of the epidemic in this group.

The response has now evolved further to focus on other key populations, as well as the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Although prostitutes can be found with no trouble in post-revolutionary Iran, the Beverly Hills of Tehran known as Elahieh -- famous for its Fereshteh Street -- is the designated area for high-end prostitutes.

It is important to note that Iranian clerics attempted to solve the problem of premarital sex through the concept of a 'temporary marriage' or - a loophole in Shiite Islam that has existed for centuries in Iran.

Just the other day a friend shared a story about his encounter with numerous drunk Saudi women at a club, who were not only decked out in designer labels, but also had bottle service in Beirut, Lebanon.


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