dating standards 2016 - Global address book not updating exchange 2016

Before we can jump into setting up GAL objects and policies, we need to grant ourselves permissions to manage address lists in Office 365 (this permission is not enabled by default).

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Also, and this is important, check to make sure that you have either an Enterprise (E) or an Educational (A) Office 365 subscription level.

Address book policy routing is currently not supported on lower subscription levels and instructions in this article will not work.

We also tested with a new account that was also added to the “Organization Management” group and the issue persisted.

We also experimented with adding the test account to all default RBAC role groups and the issue still persisted.

Launch WAAD as Administrator (elevate if you have UAC enabled).

Set-Execution Policy Remote Signed $session = New-PSSession -Configuration Name Microsoft.

Therefore, I knew it was an issue with RBAC via Remote Power Shell (as locally loading the Exchange modules bypasses RBAC).

I ran the below command (Get-Management Role Entry) to view which management roles were associated with the New-Mail Contact cmdlet: From the output I could see that the “Mail Recipient Creation” role contains this cmdlet (Management Role Entry is synonymous with cmdlet within the RBAC framework).

Therefore, I decided to test a manual assignment of the “Mail Recipient Creation” role to my test account by running the below command (New-Management Role Assignment): After logging into ECP with the Test User account, I could now create mail contacts.

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