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If you are not clear what coaching is about, or whether it can even be the right next step for you, you are not alone.

The 3 components of the program that stood out for me: 1.

Change in Mindset: Applied to professional and personal aspects such as boundaries and work-life balance. Behavioral Training through Di SC: The Di SC profile training allows me to grow my self-awareness, but more importantly, allows me to understand and connect with other behavior styles to establish and maintain stronger relationships. Effective Communication skills: – Utilizing specific language that breaks down communication barriers – Expectation vs Agreement – Asking for permission – Learning how to really listen – Learning how to say “No” effectively Financially, the leadership program’s value has been tremendous – after only 3 months in the program I was given the highest performance rating available at mid-year reviews as well as an “off-cycle” raise of over 10%!

I also teach you how to speak the right sales language and create a powerful client acquisition and retention process for your consulting, advising or coaching business, in addition to business growth and development in other parts of your business such as setting up your funnels and systems, creating multiple passive or active income streams and establishing a credible personal brand to encompass it all.

In this coaching program, I teach you proven success strategies as well as a step-by-step methodology to accelerate your corporate career success, land that next promotion and efficiently move up the corporate ladder toward your desired position with new levels of success and recognition.

Everything I coach on, I’ve done first hand and become an expert through experience and self-education. It can be replicated, repeated, and taught and followed. I open the curtain and let you see everything because, you know what?

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in my own growth and development as a business person, a coach, and an entrepreneur. You can apply the same success principles to YOUR business aspirations or your career and get even better results – better because now I know what to do even better. I can’t stand it when I pay for an expensive program or hire a high-end coach only to get basic fluff without the Working with Farnoosh was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational.

You make the leaps of progress that would not have been possible for you if you were still stuck in the old ways of thinking and seeing the world.

I also coach corporate professionals and executives on advancing their careers, raising their leadership and creating results. When you break through your limited thinking, you begin to create the levels of success and fulfillment in your business and profession that you are truly capable of.

This coaching is right for you if you are a high-achieving individual contributor, a mid-level manager, a director or executive, determined to figure out how to move to the next level, how to navigate the corporate landscape smarter and faster, how to increase your level of influence and executive presence and how best to position yourself as the trusted authority with the financial rewards matching your true value contribution. Check out my complete audio program to get promoted, get appreciated and make a lot more money at corporate: Crack the Code to Get Promoted.

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